The mission

Encourage people to register to vote, then vote.

The focus

Engage young people in their local, state, and federal voting process.

The Result

Helping 75 million people age 18-34 get registered to vote.


They call them Millennials, Generation Z, Dreamers, Kids, Tech Babies. They think they don’t care, they are apathetic, they just watch Netflix, drink espresso, make craft beer. They don’t care about policy. They take selfies and drive for ride shares.

Health care

Prison Reform


Public Land


Social Security

Women’s rights

Equal Pay/ Equal Rights


Food & Ag




They do pay attention and they are building an army of voters. They are wise and will inherit the new world. They were babies fed poison, told lies, held down in poverty. They were forgotten, but now they are grown and they vote.

BABE VOTE is a 501(c) 4 Social Welfare PAC